FAQ - Causes of Poor Wi-Fi Signal Strength

There are three main factors that can weaken your Wi-Fi signal : 

Walls and Floors 

  • Heavy-duty walls and floors made of materials like concrete, brick, or metal can reduce the range of Wi-Fi signals (or even block them), and can amen connections unreliable. While other materials like wood and glass don’t have as much effect, the more walls and floors between your router and your Ring products, the more interference you’re likely to see.


Competing Wi-Fi networks 

  • If you live in a densely crowded area such as big city or apartment building, there can be dozens of Wi-Fi networks around you which can cause interference. If you open the wireless options on your mobile device or computer and see a long list of networks, you may be experiencing this type of interference.


Other Electronics

  • This is a difficult kind of interference to detect, as it can come from almost anything - even from appliances such as microwave ovens that aren’t connected to your Wi-Fi network. The biggest source of electronic interference though, are those appliances that use the same Wi-Fi network as your Ring device to perform their basic functions. These include cellular phones, iPads, other smart home devices, TVs and video game consoles.
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